Full-Service Medical Recruitment Agency Offers Doctors More Value for Locum and Permanent Jobs!

In a highly competitive marketplace it takes more than qualifications to be a great doctor, the same can be said for recruitment agencies in the medical field, and they must provide value above and beyond good rates alone.

So what sets a great agency apart from the others?

Integrity, professionalism, and industry knowledge and experience are worth a lot.  With knowledge of the market, your specific requirements, and understanding what you need from your career, your Account Manager is committed to ensure all the boxes are ticked. Behind the scenes a huge amount of admin, checking and follow up is done to ensure your locum runs as smoothly as possible. Don’t let a good rate sideline other vital inclusions and considerations of what makes a great locum job.

Consider the following when selecting your medical recruitment agency:

  • Integrity – this is critical and to be honest, do you want someone with anything less than top-line ethics working with your career and financial well-being?
  • Full-service arrangements and administrative services including registration applications if required for working in Australia and paperwork assistance, checking and handling. Avoid ever being dropped at the door with no details, plans or contacts and having to sort your own arrangements
  • Payments direct to your account which means you don’t have to follow it up with your employer
  • 100% support which includes any challenges or issues experienced throughout your locum placement
  • Roster and contract negotiation on your behalf
  • Full free service to our doctors
  • Respect and understanding for your commitment

So regardless if you are a full time locum and well seasoned, fresh out of the box or returning to locuming from a full time position, Register Now with us and ensure your next locum or permanent placement is worth your time and money!

Kiwis STAT delivers consistently 95% satisfaction levels to candidates and clients alike. Read what our doctors have to say.

Are you ready to remove the hassle out of your next locum placement and receive the jobs you deserve?
  • N Kiwis STAT is a medical recruitment agency with the most experience in the industry, trust and integrity
  • N We are a full-service recruitment agency and have access to the most medical jobs throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • N Best matching of your wish list, skill set and career aspirations
  • N Administrative support and troubleshooting second to none
  • N Our services are free to candidates
  • N Try us and you won’t want to turn back

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