Seeking FACEM Locum Jobs in Emergency Medicine? Look No Further!

If your specialisation is in Emergency Medicine, look no further than Kiwis STAT for fulfilling locum and permanent positions. With a variety of jobs throughout New Zealand, we are looking to fill these exciting roles with experienced doctors holding FACEM qualifications. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking long-term or one-off assignments — Kiwis STAT will find the perfect fit to meet your New Zealand Emergency Medicine job expectations.

We offer 19 years in the medical recruitment industry, allowing us to provide you with incredible work, customised services and a wide choice of high-paying jobs. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your career — we will find the right job for you.


Our Excellent Opportunities for FACEMs

Offering competitive daily rates and a huge selection of work situations, we’re confident you will find a locum or permanent position that will far exceed your expectations. With the great pay comes numerous other benefits when you take locum ED jobs through Kiwis STAT:

  • NSave your time for the important things. We work tirelessly to save you time on tasks such as registration assistance, matching you with the right job, coordinating and managing your multiple placements and dealing with your regular paperwork and document renewal reminders — and this is just the start!
  • NEstablished integrity and trust. We believe that a key requirement in this industry is trust. We make sure that we always maintain the highest levels of transparency and honesty. These are the cornerstones that any great relationship — professional or personal — are built on.
  • NSupport that’s second-to-none. You’re a doctor and you’re good at it. You don’t need the added hassle of paperwork, registration, housing arrangements and transportation for your locum assignments looming over your head. This is why we’re committed to helping you every step of the way.
  • NThe finer details. With our first-hand experience of all hospitals, administrations and facilities we work with, we can give you an inside look into each placement prior to your arrival.
  • NNew Zealand’s largest network. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the largest, most reliable and transparent locum company in New Zealand. This means we are able to offer you first pick of the best jobs and widest variety for your desires.
  • NEnjoy job flexibility without the hassle. Don’t let your passion for local ED jobs be dampened by bad schedules and lack of support. When you work with Kiwis STAT, we make sure you have the opportunity to determine your schedule. Whether you’re looking for a one-off fill-in or choose to work locum ED jobs exclusively, we will help you find the perfect fit.

Kiwis STAT – More Value, No Stress

Once you’ve registered with us, we will begin the work of determining what placements best suit your career path and lifestyle requirements. We offer Priority Recruit service that gives you the security of solid one-on-one support, stellar representation and VIP job access, direct fortnightly payments, personal notification and with ethical representation. Can any of the other companies offer that?

Take advantage of our vast industry experience. We will share with you locations, vacancies, working conditions, accommodations and work environments. With our unbeatable administrative support, you will always have someone at your side.

Want the Best Locum ED Jobs? Get in Touch Now!

When you login now, you’ll start receiving the top ED jobs straight away. The benefits of registering with Kiwis STAT are endless, but the highlights of our Priority Recruit service includes VIP job access with personal notification, direct fortnightly payments, and trustworthy representation.

We’re here to help you find the ideal locum ED positions to fit your lifestyle and expectations. Contact Tamzin for more information or to get started.

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    Outstanding service is the main driver behind our committed and dedicated team. We work towards providing medical professionals the jobs they seek and ensuring the hospitals and clinics get the best people with the right skills and attitudes. We proudly provide superior service you won’t find anywhere else. Once laborious and tedious, paperwork hassles are now minimised with our full administrative service. Register today to discover the many ways we prove the strengths and benefits of our service.