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No doubt you already know many of the benefits of locuming and the benefits it can offer to your career, lifestyle and finances. Much of the time it’s just finding the right one to suit your specific circumstances.

Best Locum Doctors Jobs

Pick Your Reasons to Locum

From needing a cash injection to wanting a break, the reasons to locum are many and varied and change with your lifestyle and stage in your career. Often seeing why others locum can give you more scope in planning your next move. Below are some often quoted reasons from doctors currently working with us:

  • NReduce personal loans
  • NMaximise gaps during exams and additional study
  • NSave for your next investment
  • NEnsure more flexibility or variety of work
  • NFamiliarise yourself with new health systems
  • NExperience new and interesting or localised cases
  • NAttend sought after training hospitals with excellent teaching depth
  • NTravel and career goals can be achieved at the same time
  • NGrow your leadership experience in remote placements

Professionalism and Ethics Really Do Count

As an industry pioneer and now with an impressive 19 years of experience, we are known for delivering exceptional recruitment services which are backed up by many a doctor still working with us from day one. With access to the widest network, there are few placements we don’t have access to which gives you, the doctor, all the options.

Working with integrity our team is dedicated to delivering a service that is top of the line and completing your registration gives you access to a range of these Priority Services below.

The Value of Kiwis STAT’s Priority Service

  • NFree service to all doctors
  • NA dedicated team
  • NTrust and integrity across the board
  • NAccess to broadest network of positions and hospitals across New Zealand and Australia
  • NAdministrative assistance with paperwork and AHPRA registration if required
  • NAdvantages of payroll services
  • NSecure online area with 24/7 access to all your information
  • NStrong hospital relationships
  • N100% support and issue resolution across all aspects of your placement

Sidestep the Risks and Talk to Us Now

Minimise the risk of taking a job that is mismatched, incomplete or missing paperwork resulting in additional expenses work start delays, or travel botch ups, CV spamming and more, and put your faith in those with the experience to ensure you are well placed to take advantage of the best opportunities in a friendly and professional manner.

So if you want us to be steadily searching, negotiating, booking and checking in the background to deliver more opportunities for your goals give us a call or login now

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Outstanding service is the main driver behind our committed and dedicated team. We work towards providing medical professionals the jobs they seek and ensuring the hospitals and clinics get the best people with the right skills and attitudes. We proudly provide superior service you won’t find anywhere else. Once laborious and tedious, paperwork hassles are now minimised with our full administrative service. Register today to discover the many ways we prove the strengths and benefits of our service.